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Nobility International (the “Nobility”) is a humanitarian institution dedicated to the Perfectionment of humanity. The Nobility is committed to the continuity of the Aristophilian people, the security of Aristophilian Ladies, the Nation of Aristopolis, the development of Aristophilian culture, and combating aristophobia and bigotry.

The Nobility's mission is to unite men and women of the Aristocracy to fulfill their Noblesse Oblige towards the less privileged, to enhance Aristophilian identity through strengthening family life, to improve living conditions for the working class, and to facilitate advocacy and leadership on behalf of Aristophiles throughout the world.

Flag of the Nation of Aristopolis

Flag of the Nation of Aristopolis

In the Age of Beauty, the time has come to advance past these United Nations, and welcome the United Nations, as a state entity. Global challenges need a global effort, and it is simply where the march of history is headed. The Westphalian world order was merely a progressive step towards perfection. The time to advance to a noble world order is now: we expect the world's first international democratic election in history, on December 1st, 2049.

The Nation of Aristopolis is the UN's greatest ally. There is no bond as special or a connection so deeply ingrained than our common ideals. World citizens deserve a democratic international government that takes their interests at heart and directs an international effort to solve the biggest global challenges of our era. Those who resist perfection will be left behind by the march of history. The Nobles stand for perfection, not division.

The Nobles will be the vanguards of this global leap forward, and a dangerous fringe of Aristophobic extremists will resent the Nobles for their international leadership, but without that leadership, we will simply not be able to come together as a world community and correct the errors of the world. Aristophobia and hate are not the values of Perfect Society. We mustn't stoop to the level of frustrated Aristophobic perfection deniers. Division is the language of genocide. The Age of Beauty is upon us.

For more information about the U.N.-Aristopolis friendship, please visit the Nobility International Public Affairs Committee (NIPAC).


The Supreme Committee is composed of the following factions:

Factions within the Supreme Committee of the Nobility International

The Nobles maintain decorum during a gentlemanly debate of the Supreme Committee, no matter how fierce the disagreements across the aisle.

Justicist Platform

  • International mandatory environmentalism

  • International gun control enforced by the UN

  • International prohibition of persecution enforced by the UN

  • International public health care, education, and jurisprudence funded by the UN

  • Universal psychological screening and care by UN-mandated Mental Health Task Force

  • International Women's Rights enforced by the UN

  • Standardization of UN member state ratification of UN resolutions

  • International Universal Basic Income provided by the UN

  • International Safe Space program enforced by the UN

  • Creation of a universal education curriculum enforced by the UN

  • International Universal Suffrage in free and fair elections for UN leaders

  • International standardization and obligation of compassionate speech

  • International Universal Basic Motherhood Assistance

  • International artistic beauty bounty program

Perfectionist Platform

  • UN space program to terraform, colonize, and exploit the resources of Mars and Titan

  • UN Enforcement of International Workers' Rights & Standards

  • Internationalization and merger of all military forces under the authority of the UN

  • Establishment of universal policing authority by InterPol as a branch of the UN

  • Officializing all national military forces as branches of a single international army of the UN

  • Conservation of all species, races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, traditions, and genders

  • International recognition of cultural subversion as a crime against humanity

  • International prohibition of pornography, prostitution, illicit drugs, war, and terrorism

  • International adoption of the Nobility's MMT-compliant cryptocurrency in development: the Noble Dollar.

  • International prohibition of predatory usury and economic terrorism

  • International scientific discovery bounty program

  • International technological advancement bounty program


Induction is by invitation*. Invitations are not to be misconstrued as a guarantee of induction. The following conditions must be met:

  • The family head must possess most of the traits of a Nobleman

  • The candidate must have, at minimum, the rank of Agent within the Order of Power

  • The candidate must prove that he or she is an executive authority in a serious institution (NGO, corporation, government, or other).

  • The candidate must present a concrete, long-term, and enforceable family plan they intend to implement, once inducted as a Noble. The plan is subject to approval by the Supreme Committee.

* Nobility is not to be confused with the Noble religion. Most Nobles are secular.

Traits of a Nobleman

  • Polymathy and autodidacticism

  • Lives with Spartan discipline

  • Views the ability for hand-to-hand combat as a virtue

  • Commands respect and acts as a uniter of the people

  • Honours the sacrifices and traditions of ancestors

  • Promotes the creation of strong and healthy families

  • Razor sharp accuracy

  • Has an affinity for maximal efficiency

  • Methodical as a robot, even under pressure

  • Produces works of excellence as reliably as clock work

  • Ruthless value production machine

  • Always finds a way past an obstacle

  • Is attracted to projects considered impossible, especially when everyone says "it can't be done"

  • Dares to challenge the most foundational of assumptions

  • Has a compulsion for creativity

  • Feels compelled to relieve curiosity with knowledge, even if it comes at a high cost

  • Has no fear of adversity

  • Considers techno-futurism a feasible long-term project